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Digital signage hamburg - Holographic displays deliver innovative user experiences for events, fairs, museums, retail

hologram innovative marketing - Holgramm Displays
Hologram at the reception of the digital agency, Hamburg

Hamburg - digital signage : Holographic Fan Displays - stage your logos, products and contents as an eye-catcher floating in the air.

Out of Home, holograms attract attention with their futuristic appearance, a contemporary way for marketeers to deliver innovative marketing to the masses. Whether as large-scale installations or as eye-catching triggers at trade fairs, events, museums in pop-up stores, in shop windows or at the PoS/ for retail, hologragraphic displays impress and activate your visitors.

While doing hologram hardware research in our laboratory, we built certain enterprise-focused features like telecontrol, cloud connection and more.

For the operation of the LED fans as well as for the production of innovative content and the decentralized content transfer to the hologram displays, we have the perfect solution.

We are happy to support you from your first idea on. In detail we offer:

  • consultation
  • procurement (purchase/ rent)
  • content
  • installation
  • support

Attract your customers with Holo experiences.
Interested? Get in touch!

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1910 Museum e.V.
Interactive exhibition, digital signage, 10 video installations, 1 audio installation, prototyping, accessibilty, Raspi & Adruino
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Online campaign, web app, user competition, GDPR, C# & Co, HTML5 & JS, Azure Cloud, Akamai CDN
We can HOLOGRAM it.
Consultation, concept, content, support
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Content creation, editing, web publishing, content update, online map
Museum der Arbeit - HH
Interactive Signage, web Apps (PWA), kiosk mode, UX, UI, voting, live aggregation, touch, online
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Wi-Fi radio, audible signage, RaspPi, Wi-Fi, out of home, able player, accesibilty, offline
Community - WeDoDigital 2018
#WeDoDigital2018- award: web-/mobile-site, UGC, backoffice, support, advertising material
FCSP - Audio Signage - Accecibility - PWA
1910 Museum e.V.
audio guide, progressive web app, storyboard, screen reader, accessibilty, CMS
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eCommerce service, consulting, business analysis, requirements management, definition of interfaces
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Video Captain
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Bullerei Hamburg Logo Tim Mälzer, Patrick Rüther - Teaser
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next Media Hamburg - memeber of focus group - NewTV Logo
We are part of Next Media Hamburg - newTV focus group
generationdigitale - directions - find us
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