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From app development to web design, our reception Hamburg.

Ideation, realisation, implementation, operation: Internet agency Generation Digitale Hamburg offers services across all disciplines of the digital value chain; e.g. app development, responsive webdesign.

Weather you need a platform, app, community, homepage, web-special or website, we start by creating a solid technological base, which can easily be connected to corresponding databases and systems (e.g. CMS, eCRM, ERP, payment, success control systems).

We orchestrate your digital brand and product spaces with the help of user stories, concepts, content creation and screen or web design.
We always focus on your individual requirements and the expectations of your users.

As an Internet agency, we develop tailor-made content. Whether static or multimedia content - we deliver texts, images, audio, video, AR, VR and storyboards.

Plus, we support your daily business. Our digital support includes webmastering, online editing, content management, online marketing, campaign management, product development and monitoring.

As an online agency we increase your reach with our SEO / SEA / SEM, social media marketing, influencer marketing, newsletter marketing and media planning offerings.

Generation Digitale ist always at your service, weather you need full service or partial support: Our Services

Online campaign, web app, user competition, GDPR, CRM, C# & Co, HTML5 & JS, Azure Cloud, Akamai CDN
Hobenköök GmbH
Relaunch, all Websites as one Plattform (Hub), Frontend & CMS (Umbraco), Senior Concept, UX, Developer & Technologist
1910 Museum e.V.
AR App; Touchpoints (WWW & in exhibition) , Customer Journey, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, 100% maintainable (content & AR content via CMS)
German Design Award 2023
Yeaah, our customer Weingut Waalem has won. Congratulations from the Web Agency Team Hamburg.
C4all - V4all, Digital Asset Management
UX, UI, Web-/Screendesign, Development, Technology update, full service, online media server (DAM) for videos, images, 360 views, PDF, animation and more, content delivery control
Lugert Play Appstore.png
Lugert Play - Apps
iOS & Android App, development, Appstore management, native, streaming, playlists for teaching
Lugert Verlag
Progressive WebApp (PWA) for Teacher, strategy, concept, webdesign, implementation, streaming media, online technology, DRM, digital education, edTech
Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt Stiftung
Hamburg walks, fullservice agency, PWA, OSM, Umbraco CMS
KI_künstliche-intelligenz_AR.augmented reality_App_web agentur_1910-museum-Gewinner-CIP-2021.png
Together with the 1910 Museum für den FC St. Pauli e.V., we won the Civic Innovation Platform 2021 "Together it's AI!" ideas competition.
konfliktmonitor-covid-UI-design-online voting-webagentur-interaktiv-museum.png
Museum der Arbeit
Full service, UX/UI, design, responsive, online voting, web agency, Museum 4.0., Covid 19
UGC online capaign,webspecial of the young radiowaves of the ARD, responsive, accessible, Azure cloud, online technologies
1LIVE_Zeittverswipe-Web_App_barrierefrei_Agentur Generation Digitale.png
WebApp, concept, creation, development, responsive, accessibility, online technology, Azure Cloud, DSGVO/ GDPR
Full service, website relaunch, Umbraco CMS, webdesign, online booking system, content, videos & SEO
MMM_Jurytool-digitale-Jury-Kurator-Voting-Web-SaaS-mietbar.jpg (1)
Friesen Museum Föhr
Möwen. Müll. Und Meerjungfrauen -exhibition. Virtual voting for jury & curator, multi level, SaaS
Supporting NGOs
Concept, UX, technical realisation, softwarearchitecture, whitelabel online e-mail kit for campaigns, NGO, social engagement
DOKYO-relaunch_umbraco 8_responsive-design_webagentur-hamburg.jpg
DOKYO Hamburg
Website-Relaunch, concept, UX, responsive design, CMS: Umbraco 8, custom Theme, video for Umbraco, SEO
ePrivacy/ GDPR audit, Opt-In, cookie control, SEO onpage, webdesign, online landingpages, Umbraco CMS
Content update 2020; Festival Finder, content creation, editing, webdesign, web publishing, online map maintenance
TouchTable, ePoster, Digital Signage, app, online technology, multi-touch, Terminal, plug & play
Study - Worldwide Digital Signage Trends at the PoS, consulting, research, presentation, management summary, handout
Digital-signage_video-audio_installationen-FCSP_KIEZBEBEN.png (1)
1910 Museum e.V.
Interactive exhibition, digital signage, 10 video installations, 1 audio installation, prototyping, accessibilty, Raspi & Adruino
Update encoding subsystem, new image encoding tools, data workflow optimisation
Site & Shop, webdesign, responsive, content, multimedia, SEO, Umbraco CMS
Fair, interactive digital signage, Holographic Video Wall, 2 web apps (PWA), Audiostation IOT (Adruino)
We can HOLOGRAM it.
Consultation, concept, content, support
more about holograms
Museum der Arbeit - HH
Interactive Signage, web Apps (PWA), kiosk mode, UX, UI, voting, live aggregation, touch, online
bontempo Group
Digital consulting/ - strategy, UX, UI, website relaunch, Umbraco CMS, SEO
C4all Website Relaunch - Teaser
Consulting, website relaunch, webdesign, content, SEO, Umbraco CMS
Online Jury Tool - judging panels choice- Teaser
online voting for jury meeting #WeDoDigital2018, web app, SaaS, whitelabel
interactive digital signage
Interactive digital signage, 3 progressive webApps, web-VR, iOS, 55" Touch, video survey, RasPi
V4all- postgresSQL migration
EF-core 2 data layer , database switch, postgreSQL, performance, reliability
Audio signage_WI-FI-RADIO
Wi-Fi radio, audible signage, RaspPi, Wi-Fi, out of home, able player, accesibilty, offline
Community - WeDoDigital 2018
#WeDoDigital2018- award: web-/mobile-site, UGC, backoffice, support, advertising material
FCSP - Audio Signage - Accecibility - PWA
1910 Museum e.V.
audio guide, progressive web app, storyboard, screen reader, accessibilty, CMS
Polar bears crossing - website relaunch - umbraco - Teaser
Vineyard Waalem
Website, multi-device, Umbraco CMS, HTML5 & JS - Masonry, multilingual
B2B online portal - Stage Musicals - community- Teaser
B2B portal - online platform, eCRM, Open Text CMS, ticketing, DAM, Shops
HTML5 Webplayer for 360° content -Teaser
360° HTML5 panorama player integration, files processing, storage, alerting - secure videomessaging- Teaser
360° video, spherical video, encoding, web VR player, VR display
iOS native SDK development - Teaser
Native iOS development, mobile ad SDK, Xcode, agile, 3rd party interfaces, example app
1live - Festival Finder WebApp - Teaser
Festival finder, web app, multi device, recognigtion engine, shareability, HTML5 & JS
digital consulting - Teaser
eCommerce service, consulting, business analysis, requirements management, definition of interfaces
DasSchnelle.AT - webdesign - Teaser
Webdesign - UI - UX - responsive design
next Media Hamburg - member of focus group - NewTV Logo
We are part of Next Media Hamburg - newTV focus group
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